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The Northumberland Dark Skies - Star Gazing At Night

If you are a nature enthusiast or fancy yourself to be a bit of an amateur astronomer or are just a person who enjoys the great outdoors then Walkmill Caravan & Camping in Northumberland is the place to visit.
Billions of shimmering stars, a plethora of planets, glowing galaxies and dazzling meteor showers are what make up our stunning Milky Way. However, there are very few in the world who can actually boast about having witnessed the magnificence of a true dark sky in all its shining glory. Much of the skies of the world are polluted and it’s often difficult to see only a few stars at night let alone any of the glowing galaxies.
Awarded the Northumberland Dark Sky Park title in December 2013 by the International Dark Sky Association, covering an area of nearly 1500 square kilometres, Northumberland is the largest dark sky park and reserve in all of Europe. An area protected and preserved from light and other pollutants, it is the clearest window to all the spectacular mysteries of the galaxies.
With the best time of the year, the autumn and winter months, up-on us to enjoy stargazing, Walkmill Caravan & Camping, Warkworth offers the perfect opportunity for you to relax and enjoy. Northumberland really is a star-gazer’s heaven at any time of the year; you can view the passing comets and shooting stars in the summers and view deep sky objects like the far away galaxies in the winters.   

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